and doktor 24.

Doktor24 is one of Sweden’s largest digiphysical healthcare providers with digital consultations via app, web and with health clinics at Apoteket AB. Doktor24 was founded in 2016 and handles both mildly acute and chronic ailments through digital consultations with doctors, nurses and psychologists as well as vaccinations, sampling and health checks at smaller clinics in collaboration with Apoteket AB. Doktor24 creates accessible, cost-effective and high-quality care with the patient in focus.

and platform 24.

With its automated care guidance and patient communication solution, Platform 24 is one of the Nordics’ leading digital health technology companies. The company’s digital solutions are today delivered to healthcare regions, healthcare groups and insurers in Sweden, the Nordics and the DACH region.

The company is part of 24 Health Group, founded in Stockholm in 2016.